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“A lasting remedy would have to address the interplay between skin, fat, connective tissue and underlying muscle.”

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“Some people have misrepresented the truth to suggest that there’s a lot you can do,” said Dr. Jeffrey Dover, a director of SkinCare Physicians, a dermatology practice in Chestnut Hill, Mass. But he finds today’s repertory so inadequate, he doesn’t treat cellulite and won’t, he said, until a treatment has “reproducible results” with a “long-term benefit.”

Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (published ‘cellulite severity scale’)

FTC Multa empresa Canadense por falsas promessas de perda de peso e tratamento anti-celulite

Definição de celulite pela MedLinePlus:

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“Liposuction, for instance, is not recommended for cellulite, and may even make it look worse.”

“Because it is very close to the surface of the skin, cellulite leads to a dimpled appearance.”

“Exercising regularly to keep muscles toned”

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“Cellulite is a description rather than a physical object.[3] The term was first used in the 1920s, and began appearing in English language publications in the late 1960s, with the earliest reference in Vogue magazine, “Like a swift migrating fish, the word cellulite has suddenly crossed the Atlantic.”[4] Its existence as a real disorder has been questioned,[5]“

Avram MM (December 2004). “Cellulite: a review of its physiology and treatment”.

Nürnberger F, Müller G (March 1978). “So-called cellulite: an invented disease”. J Dermatol Surg Oncol 4 (3): 221–9.

Rexall Sundown Charged by FTC With Making False and Unsubstantiated Claims for “Cellasene”™

FTC Charges QVC Home Shopping Channel With Making Deceptive Claims and Violating FTC Order

QVC to Pay $7.5 Million to Settle Charges that It Aired Deceptive Claims

Mass Media “News” video loaded with B.S. (sad, extremely sad how info is twisted and distorted – viewers/the public deserves better than this…)

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